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The institute

Founded in Evian-Les-Bains

The Institute of Knowledge of Autonomous Methods of Learning and Awakening is an association which has for vision the sharing of Knowledge through tools and methods allowing Autonomy in Learning. ICMAAE's mission is to produce and organize Knowledge through the collection of educational resources and multichannel content, in order to make them accessible to the greatest number. The association is established in the city of Evian-Les-Bains. More precisely, it shares the Hotel du Parc as its place of creation, where the Evian agreements were signed on March 18, 1962.


In the beginning a unitive vision

The Perpetual Movement produces continuous changes, revealing new Needs each time.


The Signal is the expression of these needs, transposed on different planes perceptible by the Senses.


Language is the translation by Reason of what is perceived, allowing, identification, taxonomy….


The Movement is the deployment in the Real of conceptual diagrams answering the needs.

Knowledge is the shortest path

between the perception of the senses, the analysis by the

reason and application in the real

Our values

Sharing what is essential

ICMAAE's mission is to trace the different paths of knowledge within the framework of a Digital Map of Knowledge, available to everyone, which is organized around the subjects dealing with the 17 objects of sustainable development of the UN.

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