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The mission

Producing Knowledge Capsules

Knowledge Capsules are considered to be multi-media multimedia content aggregating Knowledge themes (science, economics, biology ...).

The Institute continues to produce Educational and pedagogical Knowledge Capsules in Common Creative.

Sharing Knowledge

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Building bridges to walk together in the path of knowledge


If creation is the Book, ICMAAE aims to digitize it

Geospacialize Knowledge

Each space represents a source of Knowledge, which can be put in capsule, through photos, sounds, videos, culture, literature ...


ICMAAE pursues the objective of exploring the different points of the globe in order to draw from it all the cultural and educational resources.


This ambition is driven by this desire to participate in the cultural heritage of humanity and preserve universal memory.


Also, the Institute's mission is the economic exploitation of intangible resources as part of a project for sustainable development and the preservation of human communities.

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