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Program of Aggregated Networks for Global Applied Educational Asset

PANGAEA is one of the programs produced by ICMAAE in a desire to constitute a unique platform for Knowledge. It is based on the vision that the increase in Knowledge, through the establishment of Unicity type incubators, connected and all contributing to the dissemination and sharing of skills knowledge methods will ultimately enable the strengthening of links and exchanges, bringing together the different geographies, and reforming a digital PANGAEA to:


  1. Better development of the individual through the richness of the diversity of links and exchanges.

  2. Better coordination and synergy between people, organizations ... in the service of education and transmission.

  3. An awareness of collaborative work, through educational games, which awakens the richness of cultures experiences and mentalities


This collaborative work builds on the work of the Governance Methods Laboratory (LMG). The mission of the program is to collect and consolidate research and resources for the various participating agents through the creation of "Unicity" incubators around the world. Each incubator representing a specialty or an area of ​​research.

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Join our program

By joining the PANGAEA program, you will participate in the initiative to digitize Knowledge. You will also have access to the collaborative platform reconstructing and centralizing the various knowledge collected by Unicity around the world.

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