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Financial Intelligence Networks Aggregator

FINA is one of the programs produced by ICMAAE with application oriented in the financial markets. It is based on the vision that an increase in Knowledge of the dynamics and components of markets, allows:


  1. Quickly detect the main trends and value-generating movements.

  2. To increase vigilance and reactivity by anticipating the various systemic risks.

  3. To improve governance and processes so as to preserve long-term economic value.


FINA's "Aggregator" is therefore based on an architecture of the Human-Machine Assisted Intelligence type with the linkage of collective intelligence and the use of artificial intelligence tools.


This collaboration is based on the work of the Laboratory of Methods of Governance (LMG). It materializes through missions and field investigation mandates with targeted agents and members of the program. These produce research on economic subjects for own account or for third parties. The financial information collected is then compiled by Artificial Intelligence "Rivaldi" in order to highlight the main financial themes for market players.



Join our program

By joining the FINA program, you will participate as an agent in the collection of financial information on behalf of collaborative intelligence. You will also have access to the various themes on the markets produced by AI Rivaldi.

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