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Natural Energy Electrical Movement Application

NEEMA is one of the programs produced by ICMAAE with application oriented in the community sector. It is based on the Vision that the increase in knowledge of the land, local dynamics and international trends, allows:


  1. Better anticipation of needs, risks, ... In fact, better legislation, standardization ...

  2. Better coordination and synergy between citizens, associations, institutions and public bodies, and economic actors.

  3. Better management of natural, energy, human, material and intangible resources…


The application of NEEMA is based on an architecture of the Human-Machine Assisted Intelligence type with the linking of collective intelligence and the use of artificial intelligence tools.


This collaboration is based on the work of the Governance Methods Laboratory (LMG). The mission of the program is to develop and make available research on new modes of urban mobility, and the application of electric motors in sectors such as agriculture, river freight… the objective is the preservation of the environment and efficiency in terms of energy resources.


Join our program

By joining the NEEMA program, you will participate as an agent in the collection of information on urban mobility on behalf of collaborative intelligence. You will also have access to the different themes produced by the program to draw the new urban models of tomorrow.

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